Testimonials from Students

Here are some comments from a few of my students the:

Alex and Angela:

My son will be starting his 3rd year with Mrs. Wright this fall.  My son is a teenager and he has told me that Mrs. Wright just knows how to describe techniques, color, styles, and artistry.  When I asked my son what is Mrs. Wright the best at – he said Mom, she knows so much about everything and always answers my questions, she is good at ALL of it.  My son continued:  sometimes when I’m having trouble with a painting or drawing she will show me how to figure it out and even help me to grasp a technique.  My son said that class time just flies by because Mrs. Wright is so interesting and has wonderful life stories to tell.  She has had such a fun and adventurous life, backpacking in Grand Canyon and spending time in France to develop her artistry and French.  He said sometimes I’m so surprised that I’ve been painting for 2 hours!

From a parents point of view, Mrs. Wright is extremely patient and teaches each student the way that they learn.  My son learns by hearing and then doing but also he learns by seeing how something is done and trying to mimic that technique.  Mrs. Wright employs all of those means of learning to guide her students and start to reinforce the learning experiences.  She has really helped him hone his understanding of color as well as techniques.  She has even helped him bring about some of his own unique styles! She is extremely encouraging!  I believe she has truly brought out the best work possible from my son.  I also love that she has all of these beautiful full-color books and does not hesitate to bring them out to show students a style, technique or just a uniqueness about an artist.  Her enthusiasm is contagious when she starts to show the students how something has been so beautifully created. 
When Covid-19 became an issue for meeting in person in her home she didn’t miss a beat! Mrs. Wright immediately switched to Zoom meetings for her classes.  She has amazing resources and I wondered if the class would continue to be as engaging as they are in her home.  This was a complete nonissue.  Mrs. Wright would prepare the paint or supplies the day of the class and we just swung by her home and picked them up. 
My son said ‘Mom the classes are just the same as if I was at her house.  I still see and talk to all of my friends and Mrs. Wright keeps it interesting so she doesn’t lose our attention.’
Just one quick look (although it deserves a much longer perusal) of Mrs. Wright’s website clearly shows her artistic gift, beauty, ability, and style.  However, she is additionally a blessing because she is proficiently skilled and savvy in her ability to successfully teach students all aspects of art.  We are incredibly grateful that we found Mrs. Wright as I have seen my son’s skills grow exponentially over the last few years.  We are excited to continue to see what Mrs. Wright and my son produce in the future as well!
Angela- Alex’s Mom
Shay B - Art Student

Shay B – Art Student


Hannah D. - Art Student

Hannah D. – Art Student

“Learning the fundamentals of drawing, and copying art styles different from what I was comfortable with, really stretched my skills.    Mrs. Wright taught me the importance of careful study and observation. Sticking with and completing challenging assignments, along with the overall blessing of a loving Christian teacher, grew me in character as much as in my artistic abilities!” ~Hannah D., Drawing I and II

Caroline D. - Art Student

Caroline D. – Art Student

“Lisa Wright as my art teacher was a profound positive influence! Her Christian tutelage was a joy and a blessing.   The enthusiasm with which she approaches art and teaching is inspirational. Some assignments may have been tough, but they have made me a more confident artist, and I can now better use my art as a gift for others. She was an answer to prayer for my art education!” ~ Caroline D., 17; Drawing I and II