Photos of Art and French Classes

Evy’s copy of the Master Klimt, “The Maidens” in oils in Painting class
Charlotte’s original Playing Cards design in colored pencils in Drawing 2

Emma’s original landscape painting in oils in Painting Class

Baylee’s playing cards designs-Japanese Samurais
One of the Drawing 1 classes-Human figures

Classes have been on Zoom since Covid hit our area. They have been surprisingly successful on this platform! My students are great! I have students from all over, including other states, and one in this photo from Belgium!

Teaching on Zoom works well!!
Our French Curriculum

Another Drawing 1 class

Annual field trip to the Chyrsler Museum before the pandemix with all my Art students. We drew from paintings there then shared our work.

I hope to move my classes back to my studio in my home when it is safe for everyone!