Thank you for visiting my website. Below are some examples of my artwork:



Creation Series (pastel drawings)


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  1. I love everything, dear Lisa. May God abundantly bless you and your new endeavor – I encourage you to paint a lot more. I know how very busy you are! Love you, Mom

  2. I praise God for your gift, Lisa and for your desire to glorify Him through your work. These are absolutely beautiful!

  3. Wow. Words can’t express how moving your work is. Keep at it. God has already blessed you with such a gift; may He continue to shower His grace upon you as you begin this new path.

  4. Mrs. Wright you are simply amazing! God has given you a gift. Thanks for sharing it with all of your students. =)

  5. Oh my goodness, what a treat for the eyes! Mrs. Wright, even though I’ve seen these paintings before, they still take my breath away every time I see them! You are TRULY gifted!

  6. Thank you ladies!!!

  7. Dear Lisa, your art is awesomely great, you are able to give life a new dimension to enjoy. Did you make a doll (1988)? My baby 1 year old(twin) was given a doll signed “Lisa Wright” which became her favorite and she can’t be without her. Anyway I thank you for being such wonderful artist, please keep creating beauty for a nicer world
    Love Roza


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