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Lisa with her oil painting”Daybreak Over Norfolk”
My name is Lisa Wright. I am a professional artist and educator who loves to share her work and teach others.
 I have been drawing as long as I can remember and began studying art formally in the seventh grade when I painted my first still life. I continued studying, showing my work throughout high school.
The first public recognition of my work was in regional art shows in Ohio where I earned best in show and scholastic achievement awards throughout high school. My first commissions came from those exhibitions.
I also studied French throughout high school and lived with a French-speaking Swiss family when 17. I feel in love with French when learning how to communicate with them as they didn’t speak any English.
I continued my study of Art in college and was a Studio Art major at Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts where I earned my Bachelor’s in Fine Art with a minor in Art History and French.  While in college, I studied in Paris during my junior year, taking my college-level classes in French and additional classes at Ecole des Beaux-Arts and Ecole de Louvre.
I have continued to work on commission throughout the years.
I also homeschooled my 4 children throughout their education until they graduated from High School. They went on to successfully graduate from The College of William and Mary(Emily and Jessica), James Madison University(Clara received her BA and Ma in Occupational Therapy), and Virginia Tech(Nathan).
I taught Art and French in a  private homeschool program for 19 years while my children attended there.
I moved my classes to my home 6 years ago when my husband began to travel and coach for the missionary organization, the World Race.
I currently teach three Art Classes including Drawing 1, Drawing 2, and Painting/Mixed Media. I will also offer several levels of French.
Manerola with Clara and EmilyI have a passion for traveling and love to produce work inspired by the locations I’ve been to. Some are pictured on this site. 
Here I am on a hike with my daughters in Cinque Terra, Italy with Manerola in the background, which is featured in my gallery.
I have also illustrated a children’s book, Light for the Sacra Vellum, by Cathy Idowu which is available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
Please contact me if you are interested in anything on this site.  lisa@lisawrightsart.com
Our latest family photo. I now have two awesome sons-in-law and one awesome daughter in law as well as 5 precious grandchildren.

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  1. Mom! Here is your first comment:) I am so proud of you and the beautiful art that I have been honored to know all my life. It’s beautiful. I’m glad that more people can enjoy your gifts through this site. Love you!

  2. Bravo Lisa. I’m so proud of you. I loved seeing this site. There are several pieces I had not seen before. Thanks for sharing ma belle soeur!

  3. Mom!! These looks absolutely wonderful! I am so proud of you for finally pursuing your dream of selling your artwork. I know God will bless you. You are amazingly talented and I can’t wait to see what God has for you. I love you!

  4. Lisa, I love all of your art. May God Bless you richly and increase His anointing in your life and your creativity. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Cindy Halbauer Taylor

    Lisa. You were always such an amazing artist. it’s so wonderful to see you are still producing such beautiful pieces of work!

  6. Lisa, you are as talented as you are beautiful. I wish you all the success. You are a fabulous artist!!

  7. Lisa – Wow! I am super impressed by your artwork. You have talent! Keep up the good work.

  8. Mrs.Wright, I hope you keep on painting for years to come! I especially like your lion, tiger, and lynx paintings. Do you study the animals to get them so accurate? Please keep teaching art!

  9. Didn’t you do a painting of that scene behind you, Emily and Clara? Italy? I love it.
    I sure wish you were closer, I’D love to take some of your classes. 🙂 Your loving Mother…..

  10. Dear Lisa,

    Your work is Beautiful, just like You.
    Your new art friend, Paula Bernfeld

    We met at Awakening of the Dawn!
    Just a Hug and a Prophetic Word can cause a lifetime
    friendship… Amen!

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