2017-2018 – Class Schedule


  I am offering Art classes with classes for all ages. These are Drawing 1, Drawing 2, Painting/Mixed Media.  They will run as semesters (September-December and January-May) You can sign up for one or both.  


This year I am offering French 1, 2 and 4. The completion of French 1 is required for French 2 and of French 3 for French 4. These classes are High school level, but can be taken by younger students. The upper level classes are 1 1/2 hour /week, so tuition is $15/week. PRICING All classes meet at my home in Norfolk and cost $10/hr/ student, so $40/month for the 1 hour classes and $60/month for the 1 1/2 hour classes I also tutor privately in Art and French for $30/hour. REGISTER Register Online: CLICK HERE and click on FALL CLASS REGISTRATION ($25 fee to hold spot) There are a few spots left in all courses

 SCHEDULE  2017-2018


Tuesday: Drawing 1 1:00-2:00 French 1   2:00-3:00  Advanced Art 3:00-4:00 every other week

Wednesday: Drawing 1  1-2   

Class Descriptions

Please visit my new online art class at ChristianArtClass.com. BASIC DRAWING. THIS IS AN INTRODUCTION TO BASIC DRAWING TECHNIQUES WHICH WILL COVER CONTOUR DRAWING, GESTURING, SHADING AND MUCH MORE. Students will need a spiral sketchbook and a set of drawing pencils which can be purchased at Jerry’s or Michael’s . Class number very limited. DRAWING 2 This will be a continuation of the Drawing one curriculum where new techniques will be offered such as human figure proportions and portraiture, Art history, and we will review and use techniques taught in Drawing 1 (Above Lisa’s “Aslan-Lion of the Tribe of Judah” in watercolor) PAINTING/MIXED MEDIA CLASS Students should have some past experience in drawing to take the painting class as we usually draw before painting. We will paint a watercolor landscape and still life in acrylic and copy of a Master in oil. We will also work in various media including wood block prints, scratch board, collage, mixed media *Painting supplies will be provided for an additional $20 supply fee/semester . FRENCH 1 This is a high school level class, although I have had students younger who went through it. We will use the Glencoe’s  Bon Voyage workbook and textbook to do oral and written exercises in class and at home. We will practice conversation as well. FRENCH 2 This is the level 2 high school level French class. We will finish using the Bon Voyage curriculum and then begin the Glencoe French 2 text and workbook, Abord. (Can be found at half.com used.  Please call or email if interested.  Lisa@lisawrightsart.com or 692-9612  


Lisa is a professional artist. She has taught Art and French for over 20 years in a private homeschool program and home schooled her 4 children throughout their education. She has been teaching Art and French in her home for the last 4 years. She has a BA in Fine Arts from Mount Holyoke College in Studio Art and Art History as well as French.  She lived and studied in Paris at Ecole de Beaux Arts and Ecole de Louvre as well as Switzerland. She is fluent in French and is passionate about teaching. CALL 757-692-9612 if interested. *******


Here are some comments from a few of my students the:

Shay B - Art Student

Shay B – Art Student

Hannah D. - Art Student

Hannah D. – Art Student

“Learning the fundamentals of drawing, and copying art styles different from what I was comfortable with, really stretched my skills.    Mrs. Wright taught me the importance of careful study and observation. Sticking with and completing challenging assignments, along with the overall blessing of a loving Christian teacher, grew me in character as much as in my artistic abilities!” ~Hannah D., Drawing I and II

Caroline D. - Art Student

Caroline D. – Art Student

“Lisa Wright as my art teacher was a profound positive influence! Her Christian tutelage was a joy and a blessing.   The enthusiasm with which she approaches art and teaching is inspirational. Some assignments may have been tough, but they have made me a more confident artist, and I can now better use my art as a gift for others. She was an answer to prayer for my art education!” ~ Caroline D., 17; Drawing I and II